Friday, September 28, 2007

Tell me why??

This poetry is very close to my heart... as this was an amature attempt to writing. I had written it in a spirit of a teenage tryin to find the answers to the crazyness all around and within... as i had this inclination towards abstract... and i write strictly for my own self... so everything is very symbolic... we can say- its for all and its for none!!... n ya i also have a tune for it!! if u can suggest one, wud be glad to take it!!

Tell me why?
The moon shines so bright,
When there’s a gloom inside.

Tell me why?
The colors of the sky,
Takes colors from my eyes.

Tell me why?
I can’t love you,
When you know, it has no cause.

Tell me why?
When I cry,
I see rain outside in the sky.

Tell me why?
I have no answers, to your emotions,
You are no ground.

Tell me why?
You feel loved, when someone
Leaves you to go to a blessed world.

Tell me why?
When the wind touches me,
I feel a storm within.

Tell me why?
When the trees shed their leaves,
There’s a touch of deceit.

Tell me why?
When birds fly,
I feel captured inside.

Tell me why?
These tears in my eyes,
Gives a feeling to rise…

Rise above, where no sorrow touches,
Touches you no murmur’s of the heart,
No silence of the dark,
No leaves of the autumn,
No pining from the bottom,
No tell me whys?
No heart that cries,
No tears in the eyes,
No tell me whys?

The runnings in the nightmare,
The dreams of a heart that cared,
The light of the magic,
Feelings deep inside,
The ways of the mystic
Rising of the tides.
In your blood, in your heart, in your mind.
That takes a ride, ride to the skies,
There where it flies,
Where touches no tell me whys?

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