Friday, September 28, 2007

riding away fast on horses of eternity...

This poem i had written in immense had gripped me completely ... n in a way writing this was a process, more of a catharsis... well n its funny dat this poem i had composed attendin a class...when my professer was tryin to teach me a few things!!

It’s where the water flows…
It’s where the wind blows…
The dampness of a palm with dreams
Of holding water in a fist,
The naïve ambitions of the woods
Of becoming friends with the mist
…will tell you all,
They know it all.

You’ll find it in the rising tide,
Washing again, inner and out side.
Singing a love song with rage and fury,
Yet retaining its dignified glory
You may find it in the feathers
of a bird with broken wings,
worn out with love’s dry weathers
of biting cold, yet it sings…
sings on…
the lovely song…
the reminisce…
being the evidence,
of the old pain, still being the same…
Yet it sings… yet it sings…

The malice of the memories
Of those lost diamonds of time.
Sparkling with ethereal and fleeting light,
Getting me drunk with rays full of wine
Yet hoping for a phoenix flight.
And did you hear the phoenix sing?
When it was dying…
Did the music and the words sting?
Or were you too prying.
Or were you too numb,
Too scared to hum,
The music of the sinking soul?
Well, you think you played your role…

Is there a sea of forgetfulness?
Where I can drown in deep…
No caress of love or kindness,
No memory bubbles for the keeps.
Where lashing waves have no music,
And not a sound of the soul
Or hiding behind those tunics,
No playing of games or roles…
Roles of laughter $ of smiles,
Laughter full of teary eyes.
Walking the road of humanity for miles,
A humanity full of guile.
Life makes humanity a strange pun,
Everybody’s running there own run.

The music of variance
is the complexity of existence.
Infinite on one side and incessant on the other,
Stretching to both ends like a perfect rubber.
Pulling the string of instigation
Trying to reach to perfection,
Human experiments with human limits,
Essence of it all can be relished.
In an unknown fever of frenzied living
No!! nothing to take and with out givings.
Come may the zombie walks altered to serenity,
Riding away fast on horses of eternity.

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