Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Eyes of Truth.

I feel like shutting myself out of everyone at times. To live a loner life, Solitude is a 'Joy Forever' I feel. Marriage, children, family, relationships are good to fantasize. I Love to be a 'self absorbed'- 'uncaring'- 'unyeilding'- 'nerdish'- 'weird' fool. I could go on pretending to myself that i dont need anyone, misinterpreting and twisting the meanings of quotes to my advantage and defense. But there is one thing that i really dread bout solitude-- "Truth", the glaring truth. It stands right infront of you, looking at you in the eye (no matter where you look!).

It wispers- "Where does it hurt?"

Me: "Excuse me! Hurt?"

"Well... You liked da sparlke in dat kids eye, You liked dat warm touch of dat friend who tried to hold your hand, You liked dat old man who started singing wid you when you thought no one was listening, you liked when a guy passed a sweet smile to you when passing you by, And you shrugged them all off! What are you trying to protect?"

True love is complete vulnerability

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