Thursday, July 12, 2012


Strange is the love of man, his desires and longings. Would build him skyscrapers, but would long for the heights of mountains. Make a life around the brightness and hum drum of city life, but deep within his heart would ache for the quiet of the forest night, with only the buzz of the cricket and light of the fire fly. Strange it seems to me that man runs away from the very self it truly desires (and calls it progress). Search for the treasures which he can find only within himself. Lives in a fool’s paradise of a diseased body, which could have been his tool for enlightenment. What does he get in the company of pretentious friends, while his mind is away weaving thoughts of genuine smiles and utter innocence? He thinks spirits will relieve his pains, while his spirit longs to revel in meditative silence. Will he come home today? How long will the glitters flash his eye to blindness? How long will desires seethe his mind with ignorance? How long will ambition limit his being into a mere puppet?

So in the darkness of midnight, Pingala, the courtesan kept waiting anxiously for her lover. (Little did she know, it’s not long before she will meet her true beloved.) Her heart was livid with longing; her face was ghastly with agony. Her suffering was heightened by the confusion in her mind for the desire for money, lust or love. Like a picture of grief, she stood at the doorstep. Maybe it was then that she caught a glimpse of the futility of her ornamentation. Maybe it was this particular moment that her suffering was greater than any other suffering she had known. Her distress made her senses numb and her vision cloudy. It must have been a night darker than other nights; cause in the deepest abyss does one turn to the inner light. And her suffering most poignant; cause in the most agonizing point in time comes complete surrender.

In that precise moment, the tired mind, shunned all desires and looked to the sky. Her heart drew fresh breath blowing in new life in her. In that moment, she meets her true self. In that moment she learned to live. In that moment, she touches heaven. In that moment, she meets her beloved, inside, waiting for her.

" We build our entire life around our hormones." --- Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva

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