Monday, May 12, 2008

A stranger to the land…

It’s not out there for anyone to see. I don’t give it the ‘due’ importance. But then I have no dues. Except the moments i steal, not to be myself. No other dues i can think of.

“The only obligation one has is towards his own self. Obligation towards anything or anyone is not only entirely nonexistent but also the sign of a fake Messiha”

It’s me who should clearly define it…if I miss on that even for a second I feel incomplete…I cannot move on ahead. I want it perfect. I want it precise. Yes I know you cannot see any physical manifestations…I don’t see any either. What should I call it? Empty dreams…NO!! Damn!! No!! I don’t like the sound of that…I have created them, nurtured them and made them grow...they are not empty… I don’t care what you say!! What have you done except judging!!

But then I probably do care… I try to paint… I fail, but try again…

Then I hear it in a whisper… unconfident whisper… gentle it is…but hesitant." You own Nothing in this world except the perfect within youthe idealistic, and in the name of the perfect, you own Everything.That is what you should care for-The Perfect. That is what keeps you going…" yes indeed.

The struggle remains to turn the whisper into a song- loud and clear.

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Anuj D said...

The last two paragraphs, esp the last line, "The struggle remains to turn the whisper into a song- loud and clear."... the moment I read it, i knocked the table in a loud and clear manner with the only words coming out of my mouth, "dyaaaaaammn!!!!!!"