Friday, December 28, 2007

Deep down inside there is a certain point within me which never believes in defeat, which never believes in winning. A certain point which is detached to the most limiting restrictions ,Which is uninfluenced by the most painful pains, which is untouched by the deepest emotional expression, which is most dispassionate about the most passionate glorifications and praises. I haven’t quiet caught it yet…it comes to me in a flash… sometimes in between angry declarations, sometimes in passionate but empty words, sometimes in rational judgments, sometimes caught in between a fear… big or small, sometimes in solitude with painful yearnings for a beloved… I carry it almost everywhere, every time, it waits for me to make a choice… it’s safe in a distance, looking at me intently, sometimes laughing... denying the seriousness of life. I don’t know what to feel or say about it, but this much is for sure - its never angry, its never passionate, it’s never empty, its never judgmental, it never fears, it never yearns, its never in pain …its independent… its free of any mental abstraction, its pure nothingness !! And strangely sometimes I have the feeling that it’s ME!!

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